Top 10 PebblePillows Buying Guide , 2022 Creative Living Room Cushion.pebble cushions discount coupon.

NO.1 Dark & Light Gary Pebblepillows

pebblepillows are handmade,Seamless. Filled with Holofiber. Soft and Bouncy. Regain original shape easily. Streak
patterns mirror nature itself, creating an illusion of real stone.
Made durable for long-term use. Our pillows are filled with Holofiber, a high-quality durable material with a hollow
structure. It is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable, flame-resistant, conserves heat, does not absorb moisture and
exterior odors and makes no breeding-ground for insects. Moreover, items filled with Holofiber are very light and soft,
they do not crease or collapse, while retaining their elasticity and regaining their shape after use.
The color of the stone on the photo is 06 (dark gray).
Size, shape and proportions may vary at customer's option. Can be performed in any color.
Perfect for
*Modern interior
*Children's room
You can sprawl out on them, hug or even throw them around!

The decor imitating sea pebbles. The entire surface of the pillow is decorated with decorative fibers. This decor is very unobtrusive and subtly decorates the interior spaces of both residential and office premises. Minimalistic design, restrained colors, organic material, softness and delicacy make these products desirable and in demand all the time.

Decorative pebble pillow in shape and color resembling a stone. It is soft and gives pleasant warmth.

It can become a beautiful and unusual decoration for your interiors, but it will also efficiently warm up and relax your back - when you are resting after a tiring day, put it behind your back while sitting on a sofa, chair or armchair. You can also simply use it as a comfortable sleeping pillow.

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PLEASE NOTE, The price is of unfill pillow cover, you can full some snip of old colth and cotton, that is better protected the environment. 

The cover of these cute rock pillows are made of polar fleece which is lightweight,warm,soft,anti-pill,and machine washable. The filler is polyester fiberfill that is exploded by the special blend of 100% polyester fibers creating extraordinary resilience. You can use them as a cushion, pad, pillow,children's playground,stage properties,shop decoration,all lovable.

Pebble cushion, (pattern made by me) made in cotton fabric jersey beige chiné. The dimensions are 40x70cm. It is generously padded with hypoallergenic fibers. It can be installed directly on the floor or on a sofa. He can also join a children's room. I can make personalized pebble cushions to order.
machine washable at 30°

Individually, handcrafted pebble cushion,whose hardwearing properties lends itself well to this type of 3D structure. Its warm natural natural tones with straiters of wool wrapped randomly around it would blend well with any interior decor and its softness ideal for all types of flooring from wood to carpet.